Animations and E-learning

ERN CRANIO has set up its own YouTube channel for the dissemination of relevant e-learning and video content.

On the ERN CRANIO YouTube channel you will find a series of educational videos, animations and webinars relevant to healthcare professionals and/or patients and their families. 

The following illustrative, animation videos (in English and various other EU languages) are available for patients and/or families on the following procedures/topics:

- Ear reconstruction
- Alveolar Bone Grafting; Cleft lip and/or Palate
- Pediatric Tracheostomy
- The tracheal cannula: Speaking valves and caps
- Protraction of the upper jaw (maxilla)
- Missing teeth and use of a denture in childhood and adulthood
- Closure of a cleft lip
- Closure of a cleft palate
- Embryonic development: Cleft lip and/or palate
- Speech surgery: Buccal flap
- Speech surgery: Pharyngoplasty
- Velopharyngeal Insufficiency and Nasoendoscopy
- Endoscopically-assisted suturectomy for trigonocephaly

- Endoscopically-assisted suturectomy for scaphocephaly
- Endoscopically-assisted suturectomy for plagiocephaly

- Distraction of the back of the skull or occipital distraction

- Lower jaw distraction or Mandibular distraction

- Classic correction for Scaphocephaly

- Le Fort face correction

- Monobloc and Faciotomy

- Correction of the forehead in Plagiocephaly

- Correction of the forehead in Trigonocephaly

- Spring distraction for Scaphocephaly


A series of five educational videos are also available for patients and families on the following topics related to psychological wellbeing:

1. How to recognise appearance-related distress in children, adolescents and adults? 
2. Five techniques for dealing with unwanted comments and questions 
3. The role of appearance in different stages of life 

4. Supporting your child with their visible difference; some tips & tricks 

5. Managing worries and challenging thoughts; techniques for parents & families