Craniofacial microsomia

Also known as microfacial microsomia. Hypoplasia of usually 1 side of the face (10% bilateral presentation), hypoplasia of the mandible, a deviated chin towards the affected side, weakness of the facial nerve, soft tissue deficiency, microtia or minor ear deformity.


Goldenhar syndrome

Similar to craniofacial microsomia, in combination with epibulbar dermoid and cervical spine anomalies.


Patients with a severe presentation can be at risk for breathing disorders and should be screened for this with a sleep study.

Overall, the presenting facial asymmetry does not worsen with time. Most surgeons tend to postpone surgical correction of the mandible, to avoid damage to the tooth buds, and prevent repeated surgery. From the age of 16 to 18 onwards, a final correction of the jaws can be considered, and this treatment also involves intensive treatment by the orthodontist.