Craniosynostosis is a condition in which one of more of the cranial sutures close too early. Cranial sutures are required for molding of the head during birth and for rapid growth of the skull in the first few years of life. Too early closure of suture(s) will results in an altered shape of the head and hamper normal growth of the brain.

A distinction is made between craniosynostosis of one 1 suture (unisuture), which is often the only congenital anomaly present (isolated), versus the involvement of 2 or more sutures (multisuture) and the presence of additional congenital anomalies (syndromic craniosynostosis). In multisuture and syndromic craniosynostosis it is more likely to find genetic causes for its occurrence.


This powerpoint can help you to recognize craniosynostosis 


The translated Dutch guideline on treatment of craniosynostosis can be found here. 


Craniosynostosis can also develop as a result of another disorder, for instance due to metabolic diseases. This is referred to as secondary craniosynostosis.


Unisuture, isolated craniosynostosis

Multisuture and syndromic craniosynostosis

Secondary craniosynostosis