In multisuture craniosynostosis, two or more cranial sutures have close too early. This is usually also the case in syndromic craniosynostosis, although unicoronal synostosis or other single suture involvement can incidentally occur. Craniosynostosis is referred to as syndromic if other congenital disorders are present. This often are congenital disorders of the face, hands and feet, but may also involve other organs, for instance heart disorders or anorectal anomalies. 


Bicoronal suture synostosis


Mercedes-Benz synostosis (sagittal and both lambdoid sutures)


Apert syndrome


Crouzon syndrome / Pfeiffer syndrome


Muenke syndrome


Saethre-Chotzen syndrome


Craniofrontonasal syndrome


Carpenter syndrome


TCF-12 craniosynostosis


IL11RA craniosynostosis


ERF craniosynostosis


Pansynostosis (all sutures involved)


Cloverleaf skull


Other combinations of fused sutures and craniosynostosis syndromes