Laryngotracheal stenosis

Laryngotracheal stenosis (LTS) is a pathological narrowing of the larynx, subglottis and/or the trachea. This can be present at birth due to a genetic defect (congenital stenosis) or this can be an acquired condition, usually due to scarring of the airway by a ventilating tube.

Patients with LTS present with varying degrees of shortness of breath. In severe cases of LTS, a tracheostomy tube is necessary for adequate ventilation. A tracheostomy tube is surgically inserted in the trachea through the neck.

The treatment of LTS is complex and usually involves a multidisciplinary team of ENT surgeons, cardiothoracic surgeons, pediatric surgeons, pediatricians (pediatric ICU, pediatric pulmonologists) and speech and swallow therapists.