English version of the Dutch guideline for 'schisis' (Translated in 2018)

Supported by an ERN CRANIO grant, this Dutch evidence-based guideline was translated into English in 2018. This work was led by the translation company Bothof Vertaalbureau in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. It was overseen by Andrea Kortlever (Kennisinstituut van Medisch Specialisten, Utrecht, The Netherlands) and Aebele Mink van der Molen (Plastic Surgeon, Utrecht Medical Centre). Aebele was involved in the development of the original Dutch guideline  and was chairman of the guideline committee. He is also the Cleft workstream lead for ERN CRANIO. The author(s) responsible for each chapter of the guideline reviewed the English translation.

We hope the English translation of this Dutch evidence-based guideline will help improve the care of patients with a cleft in Europe. We hope it helps to stimulate the development of future clinical guidelines within Europe and beyond.