ERN exchange programme 2021- 2022

What is it about?

The European Commission in cooperation with ECORYS launched a Clinical Exchange Programme to share knowledge and to stimulate collaboration between healthcare professionals in European Reference Networks (ERNs). The programme is designed to strengthen the clinical capacities and organisation of the Network.

The aim of the ERN Exchange Programme is to harmonize specific knowledge and reduce gaps in expertise. The basic idea is to transmit expert knowledge by experts visiting other sites or on-site training of professionals at experienced CRANIO centres. The programme is open to clinicians and other groups of healthcare professionals (e.g. psychologists, nurses, physiotherapists, dieticians) from ERN member and affiliated partner hospitals.

ERN Exchange Programme video


Within ERN CRANIO 53 visits have been approved. 44 of these visits took place during the programme period (from 11 different countries to 6 different countries). the remaining 9 exchanges have been rescheduled for 2023. To read about the experience of our members see: ERN CRANIO member experience.