Exchange visits

Since ERN CRANIO began in 2017, several medical specialists have visited other participating hospitals to learn and share their expert knowledge. Within ERN CRANIO we offer the opportunity for medical professionals to apply for short-term exchange visits. Please contact the ERN CRANIO project managers for more information.

Educational sessions at ERN CRANIO annual network meetings

Educational sessions form part of the ERN CRANIO annual network meetings. Multi-disciplinary care is key to the treatment of patients with rare and/or complex craniofacial and ENT disorders. Each network meeting features an educational session from a different health discipline.

Sharing resources on areas of good practice

ERN CRANIO encourages its members to share resources on areas of good practice. See resources page.   

Development of illustrative e-learning videos for patients and families

ERN CRANIO has received additional funding from the Connecting Europe Facility of the European Union to develop illustrative e-learning videos for patients with diseases covered by ERN CRANIO and their families. Development is currently in progress. See resources page.

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