The rare and or complex diseases covered within ERN CRANIO require highly specialised care and only a limited number of centres across Europe provide this specific expertise. Furthermore, even between centres of excellence there are major differences in clinical practice, as a result of cultural differences, the healthcare system, financial support or infrastructure. ERN CRANIO seeks to set up training activities, so that expert knowledge can be shared with both healthcare professionals, patients and their families.

Exchange visits: Since ERN CRANIO began in 2017, several medical specialists have visited other participating hospitals to learn and share their expert knowledge. It is envisaged that these will continue.

Educational sessions at ERN CRANIO Annual Network Meetings: Educational sessions form part of the ERN CRANIO annual network meetings. Multi-disciplinary care is key to the treatment of patients with rare and/or complex craniofacial and ENT disorders. Each network meeting features an educational session from a different health discipline.


- Development of e-learning/e-training tools for patients and families

- Educational webinars 

- Clinical/research exchanges