The rare diseases covered within ERN CRANIO require highly specialized care and only a limited number of centers in Europe provide this specific expertise. By providing high quality training in medical expertise the CRANIO network supports the continuous learning and development of our members. In the initial phase the fellowships within the CRANIO network are targeted at surgical fellows for training clinical expertise and surgical techniques.

During the first year of ERN CRANIO, several medical specialists have visited other participating hospitals for exchange of expertise: Dr Giovanna Paternoster visited the craniofacial team in Rotterdam to see the spring distraction technique for sagittal suture synostosis and Dr Martin Rachwalski worked for several months with the craniofacial team in Paris.

For the coming year, the following exchanges are scheduled: Dr Piet-Hein van Twisk from Rotterdam will join the craniofacial team of Paris and Dr Petra Hlinokova from Prague will join the craniofacial team of Rotterdam.

ERN CRANIO masterclasses
During the second meeting of the ERN CRANIO network in Paris, a masterclass on genetics was held with presentations given by prof. Andrew Wilkie, Sandrine Marlin and Laurence Legeai-Mallet.
On December 8th 2017 in Strasbourg, a masterclass was held by Marie-Cecile Maniere and Agnes Bloch-Zupan on enamel anomalies.