Membership expansion

Healthcare professionals:

The 2nd call for new members to join ERN CRANIO officially closed on 30th November 2019. Applications are currently under review. For more information on the assessment process click here 

It is not known if/when there will be another call for full membership. 

The call for affiliated partners is also now closed.

Affiliated partnership is a European Commission-led initiative to address concerns regarding the geographic coverage of the ERNs. This year a call was open for healthcare providers to apply to become 'affiliated partners' of an ERN. Affiliated partners are not the same as full members. The application and assessment procedure is therefore different. 

Whilst affiliated partners also had to be designated/endorsed on a national level, they were not required to meet the same criteria as full members. Their involvement in the network may therefore differ according to their expertise. Affiliated partner designations could not be made by member states with a full member already involved in ERN CRANIO. 

There are two types of affiliated partner: 

1. Associated National Centre

2. National Coordination Hubs 

Patients and/or families and support groups:

Patients and/or their families who are interested in joining the network as a patient representative can contact Olivia Spivack (project manager):

This also applies to patient support groups who wish to be involved in the network or find out more about it.