Clinical guidelines

Craniofacial microsomia

ERN CRANIO has developed a European guideline on craniofacial microsomia, which was published in the Journal of Craniofacial Surgery in November/December 2020. 

A version tailored specifically for patients and their families is currently being prepared for publication. 


ERN CRANIO endorses the updated Dutch guideline on the treatment and management of craniosynostosis (Currently being prepared for publication). The previous version of the guideline (2015) can be located here

Cleft lip/palate

ERN CRANIO endorses the Dutch guideline for 'schisis' (Published in 2017) [The term “schisis” in Dutch encompasses all types of facial clefts, most commonly clefts of the lip and/or palate]

In 2018, this Dutch guideline was translated into English which was funded by ERN CRANIO: English version of the Dutch guideline for 'schisis' 

[The type of cleft is clearly specified where needed as there is no direct English translation for the Dutch word 'schisis']. Click here for more information on this translation work.