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Clefts of the lip and palate are a heteregeneous group of craniofacial disorders affecting the lips, oral cavity and teeth. For orofacial clefts; the provision of care is via a national network of regional cleft centres, established in 1998. Each centre has a team of cleft specialists involving specialised outreach nurses, surgeons, speech theraplsts,audiologists, psychologists, ENT specialists, orthodontists, geneticists, and dentists. The Regional Centres are governed and funded by a specialised section of the central NHS.

Manchester's Regional Cleft Unit serves a population of approximately 5 million. lt is sited in a large paediatric hospital on the Central Manchester Trust I University campus.

Referral normally occurs at birth or during pregnancy, though adults and teenagers who received their initial care elsewhere are seen and provided with appropriate secondary care.

We have a new, well equipped hospital with dedicated clinic space and clinic equipment avaialable in each of 12 rooms, and an integral xray facility including cone beam.We have an outpatient charter so that patients never wait more than 20 minutes to be seen in a comfortable waiting area within the unit.


** Members of CRANIO Network Board: William Shaw and Victoria Beale

Central Manchester NHS Foundation Trust

United Kingdom

Cobbet House, Manchester Royal Infirmary, Oxford Rd, M13 9WL
Manchester, United Kingdom